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Same-sex wedding in Santorini

Same Sex Weddings in Santorini, Greece

Santorini can make the perfect background for your Same Sex Wedding in Greece. You can organize a same sex or gay wedding in Santorini. You and your loved one will have a memorable wedding experience in Santorini, one of the best wedding destinations worldwide.

Santorini, an island of extreme beauty, is the perfect background for your special moment. Your wedding planner in Greece will help you organize and hold an exciting ceremony, always taking into consideration your personal taste and vision.

Gay wedding in Santorini Greece

Gay wedding in Santorini Greece

Let’s see some facts about Santorini Same Sex Wedding.

• Why is Santorini the right destination for your Same Sex Wedding?

Santorini is considered as one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world! Santorini can hold all types of wedding ceremonies without any discrimination. Same Sex Wedding ceremonies in Santorini are increasing in recent years. Many same sex couples choose Santorini for their special moment. The incredible landscape and the variety of choices as far as wedding venues are concerned, make Santorini a unique wedding destination. You can hold your wedding ceremony anywhere you have imagined. There are options for every taste! You can have a simple ceremony with few guests in a balcony with a view to Caldera or a luxurious wedding ceremony and reception in a modern hotel, villa or even cruise ship.

Same sex wedding in Greece

Same sex wedding in Greece

  • Amazing places for your Santorini Same Sex Wedding.

Santorini is a fantastic location for weddings that gives you and your other half the chance for an amazing wedding experience. You have the freedom to select among sites of extreme beauty. You can choose on your own for your wedding ceremony and have a unique result. Some of the most spectacular venues available for your Santorini Same Sex Wedding are:

  • Luxurious venues: Santorini can give your wedding a sense of luxury. There are many amazing hotels with phenomenal view able to hold the perfect ceremony or reception. You can also choose among newly built villas with pool and modern yards.
  • Beaches near the volcano: Red Beach and Perissa are two wonderful and unique beaches in Santorini. Red beach embellished with black volcanic rocks is perfect for your ceremony. Perissa full with black sand gives you a one-of-a-kind wedding background.
  • Unusual but possible sights: Your Same Sex Wedding ceremonies can be performed in unique places. You can take a tour around the island and choose among cruise ships, old factories, extraordinary cliffs, balconies. An old winery is also available for wedding ceremonies and quite well-know in recent years.

If you have in mind a different idea for the location of your Same Sex Wedding ceremony, you can contact your wedding planner for other suggestions and further information.

Two gay grooms in Greece after their wedding

Two gay grooms in Greece after their wedding

• Keep in mind!

It is important you keep in mind that Same Sex Weddings have no legal validation in Greece. Your Santorini Same Sex Wedding will be Symbolic. You don’t want to lose the opportunity to seal your love story with such a unique ceremony in Santorini due to this aspect! Your wedding planner will help you deal with any predicaments concerning your wedding. A standard commitment ceremony can be arranged in many languages. In addition, you and your other half are free to write your own, special vows that will state your love towards each other. The ceremony can also include rings exchange and include music, chosen especially for you, by an orchestra. The ceremony can be altered according to your preferences and will, and include small love details, like your favorite song, giving a personal and special character to your Same Sex Wedding in Greece.


Gay couple having their wedding in Santorini, Greece

Gay couple having their wedding in Santorini, Greece

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