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Symbolic wedding in Santorini

Santorini is the perfect destination for weddings. You can choose the type of your wedding you want according to your personal beliefs. Symbolic Wedding is the ideal type of ceremony for those who want to avoid bureaucracy and enjoy their special day without any stress. Santorini gives you a variety of location choices so you will have numerous and amazing venues to choose among.

Symbolic wedding in santorini

Symbolic wedding in santorini

  • What is Symbolic Wedding?

Symbolic Wedding ceremonies have been increasing as couples focus on their own pleasure. Symbolic Wedding seems to be similar to Civil wedding but there is one critical difference. Symbolic Wedding has no legal validity. It is perfect for already married couples that are looking for something special. So you may be married but how about a Santorini Symbolic Wedding to confirm your? In addition, you are completely free to organize your wedding as you have imagined and take care of the merest detail. There is absolutely no impediment for your wedding location and absolutely no legal requirements. This means that you are free to enjoy your Santorini Symbolic Wedding.

  • Symbolic Wedding VS Civil Wedding:

Both symbolic and civil ceremonies follow the same process. The ceremony is almost identical. However, as we already mentioned, Symbolic Wedding is not legally verified. This gives you the flexibility to choose a friend or a relative to perform the ceremony, write and read your own vows and pick out an extraordinary venue for your wedding. Besides all these, you will not have any legal responsibility or any other obligation that may cause stress and will ruin your moment.

Happy couple Santorini wedding

Happy couple Santorini wedding

  • The perfect place!

You and your beloved one have always wanted the perfect ceremony. You have dreamt your wedding and we help you find the dreamy locations. Santorini can provide you a variety of location choices for every taste and personality. Many venues are available for wedding ceremonies all around the island. You are free to choose among beautiful sites all over Santorini. Some of these amazing locations for your Symbolic Wedding are:

  • Venues with extraordinary view: Caldera is the most recognizable location in Santorini. The phenomenal view will capture you and your loved one. The amazing Santorini sunset will be the perfect background for your Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Santorini. There are numerous venues with view to this incredible landscape. You can choose the best for your ceremony.
  • Volcanic landscapes: Santorini has a one-of-a-kind ground morphology. This makes Santorini beaches unique locations, perfect for your Symbolic Wedding. Red and White Beach are two amazing places embellished with red and white rocks accordingly. Perissa, a beach with black volcanic sand is also available for your ceremony. Ammoudi, a beautiful small village, has the beach with the clearest water in the island and a unique view. You can visit each beach and decide which the perfect choice for your ceremony is.
  • Unusual spots: If you are looking for something unique and different, you have many location options as well. Besides the hotels or terraces, the reception halls or the luxurious gardens that are available for holding a Symbolic Wedding, you can choose places that are not common. These places could be beautiful volcanic cliffs or caves, cruise ships, old factories and wineries, balconies.

If you have already thought about the location of your wedding, you can contact your wedding planner and arrange all the details for your dreamy ceremony.

Wedding venue in Greece

Wedding venue in Greece

  • Proof of true love!

You may think that Symbolic Wedding is meaningless and not worthy, but this is wrong! Symbolic Wedding, as the name says, has a deep and profound symbolization. It is a true proof that your husband/wife is for sure your other half. Symbolic ceremony allows you to express your feelings towards your loved one and promise eternal love and respect. This type of wedding will seal your decision to marry the right one and become an unforgettable experience of true love. Santorini will emphasize all feelings with amazing landscapes. The famous Santorini sunset and the incredible view of Caldera will make the perfect wedding background.

Are you still wavering about your Santorini Symbolic Wedding?

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Symbolic wedding in Santorini

Symbolic wedding in Santorini

Symbolic wedding in Santorini December 11, 2014

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